IQ Rifle Target by RE Factor Tactical (w/ RefactorTactical Discount Code)

Hey gang! We’ve got this new IQ Rifle Target for you to try. It’s another piece of content submitted to us by our friends at RE Factor Tactical. They feature tons of military/shooting type products that you’re gonna’ want to check out, including appareltactical bagsmedical supplies, and even shooting targets! I’d highly recommend giving their site a look!

But that’s not all. They were even cool enough to hook us up with an exclusive RefactorTactical coupon code for their site. Just enter “Targets4Free” (without quotes) in the coupon section during checkout, for a sweet 10% off your entire order!

This target features a large lettered triangle, and numbered circle, so they can be used/scored however you’d like. Make it your own! One possible drill for this target, which is similar to their larger IQ target, would be to print several of these, orient them several ways, and quickly shoot the numbered shapes while avoiding the lettered ones. And vice-versa. I think you’re going to enjoy this, as well as the other targets that RE Factor Tactical was nice enough to send us (under “User Submissions). This free IQ Rifle Target is part of their larger, full-featured 23×35 IQ Targets, which you can buy here. Thanks for your support of our site, and theirs. Enjoy!

Click this link (or the image below) to open this target for printing!

IQ Rifle Target by RE Factor Tactical Presented by Targets4Free Preview Snip

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Large Bullseye Target (For Handgun, Long-Range Rifle, and Shotgun Patterning)

Hey there T4F gang. We’ve got another free target for you all to enjoy! It’s a large bullseye target we’ve received, courtesy of VFW Post #4703 located Jackson, NJ! Most importantly, it’s going to be extremely versatile. Whether you’re trying to hone your skills on your own, or want to compete against your friends, this target will serve you well.

This large bullseye target will be great for use with a handgun, rifle, or even a shotgun. One cool game to try out with your friends (or yourself), is to use a shotgun with a choke of your choice, with a smaller shot size like #8 shot. Print one target per person, per game. Pass the shotgun around, and have each person fire a single shot at their target. When you’re done, count up everyone’s hits on the black center of the target. The person with the most hits to the bullseye wins the game!

I would suggest playing that game at 50 yards or so. It’s harder to win than you think, and with some practice, you’ll become a much better shotgunner! In fact, I got that idea from the guys at the VFW when I was visiting a friend there. It’s fun, and a great way to train all at once. But it’s only one example of what you can do with an awesome large bullseye target like this. I hope you guys enjoy it! And course, don’t forget to check out all of our other free shooting targets, especially the other user submissions that our site features! Thanks so much for your support! 🙂

Click here (or on the image below) to open this target for printing!

Large Bullseye Target VFW by Targets4Free


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Kill Zone Target by RE Factor Tactical (w/ Refactor Tactical Coupon Code)

Hey Targets4Free gang! I’m pleased to be adding this Kill Zone Target, submitted to us by RE Factor Tactical. They’re an awesome shop, featuring all sorts of military/shooting type products including apparel, tactical bags, medical supplies, and even premium shooting targets! If you haven’t checked out their products, you’re missing out!

They’ve even hooked us up with an exclusive RefactorTactical discount code for their site. Just enter “Targets4Free” as your coupon code during checkout to save 10% off your order! Enjoy!

As for the target, it features a beautifully drawn x-ray skull with one target zone focused on the mouth/jaw presumable for the brain stem, and the other zone focusing right between the eyes. I think you guys are going to love using this high quality target, as well as the others that RE Factor Tactical sent our way. You can buy the full-size large versions of this target here. Enjoy! 🙂

Click here (or the image below) to print out this free shooting target!

Kill Zone Target by RE Factor Tactical Preview Snip

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Bullseye Target by Action N (Printable for Free)

Today we’ve got another great new target! Once again, a target submitted by our friend Action N. You may remember him from his awesome 11×17 Dot Target that we posted last week. Today we’re posting the bullseye target that he submitted. Just like his other submission, this target is clean, well-designed and a pleasure to use. It will be great for any weapon of your choice, whether you’re shooting close range with a handgun, or long-range with a larger caliber rifle. Likewise, challenge your friends, or simply become a better shooter with this high-quality bullseye target. Enjoy!

Also, don’t forget to check out Action N on social media. He does a ton of cool work with things like 3D printing for example, but has a number of cool art projects for your enjoyment as well. Here are his YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, as well as his ArtStation and DeviantArt pages. Definitely give him some love!

Click this link, or the image below to open this target for printing!

bullseye target by action n targets4free

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Dot Target 11×17 (Target Submitted by Action N)

Today, we’re pleased to announce a great user-submitted target. An original design by Action N, it’s a dot target that is very clean, well-designed and can be very flexible in how you choose to use it! Likewise, this is also the first 11×17 target we’re posting, as we know that many of you enjoy printing these larger-form targets at home! We’d like to post more of these in the future, however if you enjoy the design of this target but don’t have an 11×17 printer, simply select “fit to page” when printing and it will fit quite well on an 8.5×11 page. If you are using an 11×17 printer, then don’t “fit to page”. A dot target like this is great for challenging your friends, a timed drill, or generally improving your skills.

We really appreciate Action N’s contributions to our still growing site, including this dot target and also his well-designed bullseye target that we’ll be posting soon. He can be found on a number of social media platforms including on his YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as art-specific sources such as ArtStation and DeviantArt. But the truth is, you should check all of them out, because Action N has posted some very interesting, creative and worthwhile content that I believe is worth a look, as well as a share with your friends. Examples include some awesome 3D prints, custom-made fantasy weapons, and much more! Below is the 11×17 target that Action N submitted to Targets4Free. You can either click the image to open it, or the link directly following this text. Be safe, have fun and enjoy!

Click this link (or the image below) to open this target for printing!

11x17 Dot Target by Action N Targets4Free

P.S., Targets4Free isn’t dead! In fact, we’re far from it. Our current plan is to go back to a weekly uploading schedule. We will mostly likely upload at least one new target every week, probably on Thursday afternoon, which gives everyone a chance to check out our new target(s) and print some out for a weekend trip to the range! Stay tuned. Likewise, we would once again like to remind you that we always appreciate your suggestions and requests for new shooting targets, as well as any submissions you’d like to make. Either comment below any of our posts, or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

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