How It Works

Finding a Target to Print on Targets 4 Free:

Finding a shooting target, or multiple targets to print is easy!

We have organized our targets by category, where each of these categories can be accessed through the site’s menu. The home page, simply contains a list of every shooting target we’ve posted, with the most recent being featured first. You can manually isolate them using the different categories under the “Targets” tab on the site’s navigation bar. Some targets are listed under multiple categories if they fit multiple categories. You’ll find the type(s) of shooting target you want in no time!

Printing a Shooting Target Properly:

When you’ve found the target(s) you’d like to print and are looking at the file on our site after clicking the image of the target, right click and hit “print”. When the printing interface comes up, be sure to un-check options like “fit to page”. Fitting to page will shrink the target’s already-measured proportions. For example, if the U.S. quarter we put on our targets for group measurement (which is about 1 inch in diameter) is “fit to page”, it will become smaller, giving an incorrect visual measurement to your groups. That can be fine if you’re measuring groups using a ruler, an actual coin, or otherwise. But do understand that some of our targets are designed with precision for very specific sizes (our “trickshot” targets for example) and that as a general rule, do not fit targets to the page, even if your printer doesn’t print to the edge. The targets will still function better, and properly, with no real consequence.

Why Have Ads on Our Site?

We are a site by shooting enthusiasts, for shooting enthusiasts, and we work hard to make recreational shooting simple and fun for both enthusiasts and newbies alike! Due to the time we put in, we must monetize our site with a number of ads. We aren’t the biggest fans of ads either, but it helps keep this site up and running and helps us keep the lights on. If you are using an ad-blocker, we would greatly appreciate it if you would white-list our  site! Also, please consider donating on the “Donate” page. Your support is greatly appreciated. Be safe, and have fun!