NRA B8 Target (Printable for FREE)

This is our re-creation of the NRA B8 Target. It’s an official competition target for 25 yard sustained pistol fire shooting. It features 100% perfect dimensions, true to the original (do not “fit to page” when printing!). The normal version of this target is much larger, with the outer ring spanning a huge 20 inches in diameter. This version has the outer circles (the 7, 6 and 5 scoring zones) removed, in order to have the remaining target fit to perfect dimensions. I put up a regular version with black center, as well as a modified red center version for increased visibility. It’s especially useful when you’re having trouble distinguishing between the target, and a darker gun sight. It seems like it helps with my bad eyesight for sure!

This NRA B8 target is a great way to practice for an upcoming official competition. They’re also an awesome way to challenge your friends, or improve your skills when shooting on your own. These are the reasons we’ve worked so hard to bring you these free printable NRA targets! And don’t forget to check out our dozens of other free printable targets as well as the many other resources our site has to offer. For example, our convenient and easy to use muzzle energy calculator! Thanks for checking out our NRA B-8 target, and for using Targets4Free! Remember, we’re your premier source for free printable targets online. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy!

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Click the version of the target you’d like to print below.

NRA B8 Target Printable Free Adapted by Targets4Free NRA B8 Target Red Center Printable Free Adapted by Targets4Free

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Champion Redfield Style Sight-In Target (Printable For FREE)

This is our re-creation of the famous Champion Redfield Style Sight-In Target. In fact, it’s one of our favorites and we’ve used them more times than we can count. As a result, it’s one we just had to adapt for free, easy printing at home. It has a 1-inch grid and is extremely close to the original sighting target, with a couple of differences.

First, space was somewhat limited, but we did what we could to get 5 targets to fit on a single page. The four outer targets are all dead-on to original size, however we did have to shrink the large center diamond down to 5 inches, from the original 6″. Otherwise, things were too squished for shooting any kind of proper groups. It also does feature the original sight-in measurements on the top, and right sides of the target. This way, you’ll know exactly how you need to adjust your scope after shooting groups! The target is still quite small, but we did our best to make it just as useful. And free! We hope you enjoy our rework of the Champion Redfield Style Sight-In Target. Be on the lookout for more new content!

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To open/print this free target, click here (or on the image below)!

Champion Redfield Style Sight-In Target Printable Free Adapted by Targets4Free preview snip

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Large Bullseye Target (For Handgun, Long-Range Rifle, and Shotgun Patterning)

Hey there T4F gang. We’ve got another free target for you all to enjoy! It’s a large bullseye target we’ve received, courtesy of VFW Post #4703 located Jackson, NJ! Most importantly, it’s going to be extremely versatile. Whether you’re trying to hone your skills on your own, or want to compete against your friends, this target will serve you well.

This large bullseye target will be great for use as a printable pistol target, rifle target, or even for shotgun patterning. One cool game to try out with your friends (or yourself), is to use a shotgun with a choke of your choice, with a smaller shot size like #8 shot. Print one target per person, per game. Pass the shotgun around, and have each person fire a single shot at their target. When you’re done, count up everyone’s hits on the black center of the target. The person with the most hits to the bullseye wins the game!

I would suggest playing that game at 50 yards or so. It’s harder to win than you think, and with some practice, you’ll become a much better shotgunner! In fact, I got that idea from the guys at the VFW when I was visiting a friend there. It’s fun, and a great way to train all at once. But it’s only one example of what you can do with an awesome large bullseye target like this. I hope you guys enjoy it! And course, don’t forget to check out all of our other free shooting targets, especially the other user submissions that our site features! Thanks so much for your support! 🙂

Click here (or on the image below) to open this target for printing!

Large Bullseye Target VFW by Targets4Free


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NRA SR-1 Target (Printable Shooting Targets)

This NRA SR-1 Target is basically a normal version of this target, but shrunken down for placement at 100 yards. In other words, at 100 yards, this target will act as an exact simulation of the official NRA SR-1 target at it’s proper 200 yard target distance. This makes it a fantastic target for long-range shooting. Whether you’re competing with friends, or honing your skills on your own, I think you guys are going to love this NRA SR1 Target, as well as the other printable targets we host. We make these awesome rifle targets printable, along with countless others. Enjoy!

Remember, Targets4Free hosts tons of other free printable targets for shooting. Be sure to check out our full collection to spice up your next range trip!

Click here, or the image below to open this target for printing!

NRA SR-1 Target by Targets4Free Preview Snip

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Circle Sight-In Shooting Target (With 1-inch Grid)

The new target this week is a high-quality circle sight-in shooting target with black visual aids and a crosshair down the center. Super easy to see at longer range. Enjoy this awesome sighting target! 🙂

Click here to open this target for printing! 

circle sight-in shooting target

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