Partners & Links

This is a list of websites, organizations and projects that we at Targets4Free recommend you check out!

Firearm Wiki: The ultimate knowledge base for all things firearms. Rapidly expanding, Firearm Wiki is a community-driven effort for a true, dedicated firearm encyclopedia. That means anyone can contribute! If you’re looking to find easy access to gun information not available on other sites, or want to contribute to the goal of the website, be sure to check it out!

Sage And Braker: Some of the highest quality gun-related products you’ll find. Some items that really stick out are their gun cleaning mat, as well as their gun cleaning kit, both pictured below. Their gun cleaning mat is made from 12 ounce waxed canvas, heavy wool, and thick leather. It features a larger work area, and much higher quality than the competition. Sage and Braker’s world-class gun cleaning mat will serve you and your firearms for a lifetime. Likewise, their awesome cleaning kit will keep your guns up and running at their best! Click HERE to check out their gun cleaning mat, or HERE for their gun cleaning kit! (Or on the images below for the corresponding item).

Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Mat Targets4Free 1   Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Mat Targets4Free 2


GunProPlus: An excellent source of gun-related news, and one that is definitely capable of becoming a top contender in the gun blogosphere. Great staff and great articles. This is one to check out on the daily, along with your other favorite gun blogs!


HD Defense: A smaller AR-15 manufacturer offering high-quality firearms at very competitive prices. Their bread and butter? The “Genesis” rifle (and pistol). These models offer solid components that get you everything you need, and act as a great platform to build upon! For enthusiasts looking for something higher-end, their “Genesis Elite” models just might be the ticket. There is more, however. For their full lineup, click (here)! Below is a preview of the Genesis, but be sure to look at all their offerings!



Red Hound Targets (Red Hound LLC)An up-and-comer in the steel targets industry. They feature your more typical gong targets, IPSC silhouette targets and the like, as well as some awesome specialty targets that no one else has. My favorite? Their Velociraptor target! Red Hound Targets is already competitively priced, but if you use our exclusive coupon code “T4F” at checkout, you’ll receive 12% off of ALL orders! This beats their introductory 10% off deal, and you can use it over and over. By using the links above, you should have the discount already applied to your cart, but be sure to put in our discount code anyway, just to be safe and save even more money on these awesome targets! Below you’ll see previews of the Velociraptor and IPSC targets respectively. Click them to head to Red Hound Targets for that particular offering.

              angry-goose-velociraptor-steel-target-red-hound-targets             red-hound-targets-ipsc-silhouette-steel-targets