Michael Myers Shooting Target (Free Printable Targets)

Hey, welcome back Targets4Free gang! It’s that time of year again. Halloween is on the way, so I decided to add this! Today, it’s a Michael Myers shooting target, from the series “Halloween”. This should be familiar, since all these years later, the sequel to the original movie with Jamie Lee Curtis, has now been released! I did get a chance to see it, and it was pretty enjoyable. Regardless, you’re really here to print some targets, aren’t you? Well, Targets4Free is always happy to deliver with new free printable targets every single week. Enjoy this Michael Myers shooting target, as well as the many other free shooting targets we feature on our site. And if you love what we do and want to support us, be sure to check our Patreon page, where you can make a small monthly contribution as low as $1! Thanks for your continued support.

Click here (or on the image below) to open this Michael Myers shooting target!

Michael Myers shooting target halloween free printable targets Targets4Free

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Stoeger Police Training Target (Free Printable Shooting Targets)

This is a vintage shooting target from the firearms manufacturer Stoeger. The target is titled “Stoeger Police Training Target”. I am almost certain that this target was introduced in the 1940’s. The description in the image is tough to see, but it reads… “A new target development-created and endorsed thru the cooperation and experience of leading police authorities-to facilitate pistol and revolver marksmanship.”

This was originally a large 35×45″ target, but of course it needed to be shrunken down to be easily printable for the purposes of this site. Still, it’s an awesome target with great, realistic scoring zones. Despite being introduced about 80 years ago, it’s not outdated! I think this Stoeger Police Training Target will serve as a great training tool, as well as make a fresh, fun target for your next range trip! Also, I managed to track down an original order form from Stoeger, that you would have used to order these back in the day! That image also included below. Enjoy!!

Click here (or the first image below) to open this free target for printing!

stoeger police training target vintage shooting targets targets4free snip     

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Kim Jong-Un Target (Free Printable Shooting Targets)

Hey Targets4Free gang, welcome back! This week we’ve got a brand new target featuring our ol’ buddy Kim Jong-Un, also known more recently as “Little Rocket Man”. Have fun taking down this dictator yourself, and improve your shooting while doing it! Enjoy this free printable Kim Jong-Un target!

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To print this target, either click here, or the image below!


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Hostage Target (Printable for Free!)

Another week, another great free shooting target from Targets4Free. We figured a good hostage target was long overdue on our site, so we’re delivering the goods! This woman is in a bad situation and you need to take the most difficult shot of your life! Try to draw and shoot as as fast and accurately as you can, or even place this target at a longer range and play the role of a rooftop police sniper. Tons of options for great training, and good fun to be had with this target.

“Is that Colin Farrell holding Kate Beckinsale at gunpoint?” It sure is. I was watching Total Recall (2012) the other day and thought this could make a great hostage target. So here we are! Oh, and also note that Colin Farrell’s character Douglas Quaid is using the very cool Chiappa Rhino .357 Revolver. Anyway, be safe, have fun and enjoy this free printable hostage target. Always more targets on the way! 🙂

Click this link (or the image below) to print this target!

Hostage Target Printable For Free Targets4Free Preview Snip

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B27 Shooting Target (Printable for FREE!)

We’re bringing the classic B27 silhouette shooting target to you at home, where you can now easily print this target for FREE! Great for improving your shooting skills, having fun, or challenging your friends at the range! This specific B27 target design was courtesy of Baker Targets, with a few edits from us. Namely shrinking it down for easy printing at home. These B27 targets are also available on Amazon as well as others. Enjoy this excellent NRA B27 printable silhouette target as well as our many free printable pistol targets similar to this one!

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Click here to print our free B27 Shooting Target!

B27 Target Printable for Free by Targets4Free Screenshot Snip

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