Diamond Sight-In Target (With 1-Inch Grid)

A great target for shooting groups. Contains 5 diamonds, surrounded by a measured 1-inch grid that takes the guess work out of measuring your groups. Our diamond sight-in target with measured 1-inch grid does the work for you. We primarily designed this target after Champion’s Redfield diamond targets. Enjoy this nice sighting target, along with the many other assorted targets our site has to offer!

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Diamond Sight-In Target (Champion Redfield Style)

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Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi: Leader of ISIS Shooting Target

A target that’s been in high demand as of late. Take down Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) yourself with this bad guy ISIS shooting target. Extra targets placed on the right for extra shooting enjoyment. Have fun!

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Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi ISIS Shooting Target

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Adolf Hitler Shooting Target (Version 2)

Just a bit of a goof compared to the first version. Hitler is begging you not to shoot, saying that he’s “Only a house painter”. Extra target on the bottom right. We hope you enjoy this Adolf Hitler shooting target. Have fun!

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adolf hitler shooting target

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Hitler Shooting Target (Printable For FREE!)

Dubbed “The Fuhrer”, take down the leader of the Third Reich with this free Hitler target. Extra scored targets are also included on the right side for maximum use of a single target page.

We hope you enjoy our Adolf Hitler shooting target, as well as the many dozens of other FREE targets our site has to offer! Thanks for your support and use of Targets4Free.com! 🙂

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hitler target for shooting printable free


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