Diamond Sight-In Target (With 1-Inch Grid)

A great target for shooting groups. Contains 5 diamonds, surrounded by a measured 1-inch grid that takes the guess work out of measuring your groups. Our diamond sight-in target with measured 1-inch grid does the work for you. We primarily designed this target after Champion’s Redfield diamond targets. Enjoy this nice sighting target, along with the many other assorted targets our site has to offer!

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Diamond Sight-In Target (Champion Redfield Style)

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Multi-Circle Shooting Target (w/ Scoring)

A simple shooting target with 5 circles, all scored. Perfect for shooting groups and honing your skills, or even challenging your range buddies. Have fun!

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Bulls-Eye Circle Shooting Target (with Scoring)

A standard shooting target with scored sections. Especially good for long-range rifle shooting or handguns. Whether it’s a casual trip to the range, or a competition with your friends, this target fills a variety of roles. Have fun!

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