The Rake Shooting Target (Creepypasta)

“The Rake” is a creature we wish we knew was fake. From the popular internet creepypasta comes this The Rake Shooting Target. Should you ever encounter such a creature, be sure you’re ready. Enjoy! 🙂  –  Original drawing by SparkFay on DeviantArt:

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The Rake Shooting Target Recreational Fun

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Zombie Shooting Target: “The Hunger”

We called this zombie shooting target “The Hunger”. Defend yourself from this determined zombie attacker! He may be missing an arm, but that won’t stop him from trying to make you his next meal! Enjoy this, and our other printable zombie targets from Targets 4 Free. 🙂

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Zombie Targets: "The Hunger"


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Diamond Sight-In Target (With 1-Inch Grid)

A great target for shooting groups. Contains 5 diamonds, surrounded by a measured 1-inch grid that takes the guess work out of measuring your groups. Our diamond sight-in target with measured 1-inch grid does the work for you. We primarily designed this target after Champion’s Redfield diamond targets. Enjoy this nice sighting target, along with the many other assorted targets our site has to offer!

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Diamond Sight-In Target (Champion Redfield Style)

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