Jihadi John ISIS Shooting Target

Many recognize the infamous “Jihadi John” from terrible ISIS beheading videos. Although he was killed by a drone strike in 2016, take him out yourself! We’ve put targets on his head, shoulder, and even his signature “knife hand”. Enjoy! 😉

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Jihadi John Shooting Target

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Slenderman Shooting Target (Creepypasta)

In recognition of HBO’s “Beware The Slenderman” documentary, we’re releasing this Slenderman shooting target. Take down The Slender Man! To print the version you want, just click it!

We’ve made two versions of this target. One with targets only on Slenderman’s head and chest, and one where each of his tentacles have targets on them as well.  To see our other creepypasta shooting targets, click here.

the slenderman shooting target v1     the slenderman shooting target v2


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Dart Board Shooting Target

We’ve custom designed this dart board target for your enjoyment. Compete with your friends, or simply hone your precision shooting skills! Several colorations available. Black and White, Black and Yellow, Red and Green, Black and Red. If you don’t know how to play traditional darts, check out this link at nicedarts.com. Or for other dart game variants, check this article over at artofmanliness.com. Enjoy! 🙂

To print your desired version, just click the image of the one you want!

Dart Board Shooting Target Red and Green Dart Board Shooting Target Black and Yellow Dart Board Shooting Target Black and White Dart Board Shooting Target Red and Black


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The Walking Dead: Negan Shooting Target

Take out The Walking Dead’s worst villain so far. The powerful dictator Negan, played by Jefferey Dean Morgan. Make sure you destroy his bat “Lucille” too. Enjoy our Negan shooting target! 🙂

P.S., We hope Jefferey Dean Morgan doesn’t take this the wrong way. We’re actually big fans! Sorry Jeff. 😉

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TWD Negan Shooting Target

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Zombie Shooting Target: “The Hunger”

We called this zombie shooting target “The Hunger”. Defend yourself from this determined zombie attacker! He may be missing an arm, but that won’t stop him from trying to make you his next meal! Enjoy this, and our other zombie targets from Targets 4 Free. 🙂

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Zombie Targets: "The Hunger"


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