Square Sight-In Shooting Target (With Grid)

A standard square sight-in shooting target with 1-inch grid, perfect for sighting in your guns, etc. Available in blaze orange, fluorescent green, or black. Just click the variant you want below. This should make a great sighting target, or even for just shooting some groups as a printable pistol target. Enjoy! 🙂

Note: When printed in black and white, the orange and green centers will be gray. For a dark black center, you need to print the black version of the target.

Square Sight-In Shooting Target Orange   Square Sight-In Shooting Target Green

Square Sight-In Shooting Target Black


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Large Diamond Sight-In Target (1-inch Grid)

A highly visible, large diamond sight-in target for long-range shooting or sighting in your firearms. Designed after Champion Redfield Diamond target we’ve made these rifle targets printable! This is going to make an extremely nice sighting target and makes a great addition to the other great target printouts we feature.

Click here to print this target!

Diamond Sight-In Target (like Champion Redfield Diamond Target)




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Diamond Sight-In Target (With 1-Inch Grid)

A great target for shooting groups. Contains 5 diamonds, surrounded by a measured 1-inch grid that takes the guess work out of measuring your groups. Our diamond sight-in target with measured 1-inch grid does the work for you. We primarily designed this target after Champion’s Redfield diamond targets. Enjoy this nice sighting target, along with the many other assorted targets our site has to offer!

Click HERE to print this target!

Diamond Sight-In Target (Champion Redfield Style)

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Diamond Sight-In Target

A basic diamond sight-in target with an actual-sized U.S. quarter for group size comparison. Quarters are just under 1 inch in diameter (2.43cm). Improve your skills or test different loads with this classic-style diamond sighting target.

Click here to open this target.

diamond sight in target


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