NRA B8 Target (Printable for FREE)

This is our re-creation of the NRA B8 Target. It’s an official competition target for 25 yard sustained pistol fire shooting. It features 100% perfect dimensions, true to the original (do not “fit to page” when printing!). The normal version of this target is much larger, with the outer ring spanning a huge 20 inches in diameter. This version has the outer circles (the 7, 6 and 5 scoring zones) removed, in order to have the remaining target fit to perfect dimensions. I put up a regular version with black center, as well as a modified red center version for increased visibility. It’s especially useful when you’re having trouble distinguishing between the target, and a darker gun sight. It seems like it helps with my bad eyesight for sure!

This NRA B8 target is a great way to practice for an upcoming official competition. They’re also an awesome way to challenge your friends, or improve your skills when shooting on your own. These are the reasons we’ve worked so hard to bring you these free printable NRA targets! And don’t forget to check out our dozens of other free printable targets as well as the many other resources our site has to offer. For example, our convenient and easy to use muzzle energy calculator! Thanks for checking out our NRA B-8 target, and for using Targets4Free! Remember, we’re your premier source for free printable targets online. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy!

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Click the version of the target you’d like to print below.

NRA B8 Target Printable Free Adapted by Targets4Free NRA B8 Target Red Center Printable Free Adapted by Targets4Free

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