FBI Q Target (Free Printable Qualification Targets)

Welcome back T4F gang, I’ve got another classic shooting target for your next trip to the range! It’s the classic FBI Q Target (aka the “milk bottle target”), originally used by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. I specially outlined and formatted this one to fit on a standard 8.5×11″ piece of paper. Also, I made up a version with a red circle in the center, as an aim assist. Since the target is significantly smaller than the original, it may prove helpful in staying focused and on-target. So how do you score it? Check out (this post from Refactor Tactical) to find out. The scoring for this old version of the FBI Q Target is under the heading “FBI Shooting Qualification (Old)” on that page. But remember, this version is significantly shrunken down, and so will offer and even greater challenge. Enjoy this, and the many other free printable pistol targets (and all other kinds) at Targets4Free!

Click the image for the target you want below, to open it up for printing!

FBI Q Target by Targets4Free Preview Snip FBI Q Target With Red Circle by Targets4Free Preview Snip

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NRA SR-1 Target (Printable Shooting Targets)

This NRA SR-1 Target is basically a normal version of this target, but shrunken down for placement at 100 yards. In other words, at 100 yards, this target will act as an exact simulation of the official NRA SR-1 target at it’s proper 200 yard target distance. This makes it a fantastic target for long-range shooting. Whether you’re competing with friends, or honing your skills on your own, I think you guys are going to love this NRA SR1 Target, as well as the other printable targets we host. We make these awesome rifle targets printable, along with countless others. Enjoy!

Remember, Targets4Free hosts tons of other free printable targets for shooting. Be sure to check out our full collection to spice up your next range trip!

Click here, or the image below to open this target for printing!

NRA SR-1 Target by Targets4Free Preview Snip

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Bird Shooting Target Silhouette (Free Printable Targets)

Welcome back! I’ve got another vintage shooting target for you guys that I think you’ll really enjoy. A bird shooting target silhouette. It’s another old JC Higgins Target (Sears), featuring a bunch of crows sitting on a fence, waiting to be taken out! This target was designated “Rail Bird Target – Target No. 12”. And don’t worry, because I’ll be uploading all of the old targets I can find. JC Higgins / Sears branded or otherwise. As a fellow shooting enthusiast, I think it’s really important to preserve these vintage shooting targets, since they’re not something you’re going to find commercially. And hey, why not print them out yourself for FREE?

This will be a great target for anyone, but seems to be especially suited as airgun targets or for use with a .22, or something like that. I really hope you guys like these vintage shooting targets. Be sure to check out the others featured on the site. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy our free printable silhouette targets and all our others too! 🙂

Click this link, or the image below to print this target!

Bird Shooting Target Silhouette JC Higgins Targets Vintage Shooting Targets



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Hostage Target (Printable for Free!)

Another week, another great free shooting target from Targets4Free. We figured a good hostage target was long overdue on our site, so we’re delivering the goods! This woman is in a bad situation and you need to take the most difficult shot of your life! Try to draw and shoot as as fast and accurately as you can, or even place this target at a longer range and play the role of a rooftop police sniper. Tons of options for great training, and good fun to be had with this target.

“Is that Colin Farrell holding Kate Beckinsale at gunpoint?” It sure is. I was watching Total Recall (2012) the other day and thought this could make a great hostage target. So here we are! Oh, and also note that Colin Farrell’s character Douglas Quaid is using the very cool Chiappa Rhino .357 Revolver. Anyway, be safe, have fun and enjoy this free printable hostage target. Always more targets on the way! 🙂

Click this link (or the image below) to print this target!

Hostage Target Printable For Free Targets4Free Preview Snip

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Dot Torture Shooting Target Drill (Printable for Free!)

This fan-favorite dot torture drill target is long overdue for posting. Originally designed by David Blinder at personaldefensetraining.com, we got this adapted version from pistol-training.com.

This is an excellent drill target for getting better with a handgun, but of course you can use it how you see fit! There are two variants as shown below. The original, and an alternative “TDA” (Traditional Double-Action) version by Sean Leffler. But you can use a single-action revolver on that version too!

Directions: Shoot the target exactly as the instructions say on the page. Start at 3 yards with no time limit. Your ultimate objective here is to score all 50 hits, as fast as you can, and as far away from the target as you can. Want to really challenge yourself? Make it so that with a single miss, you fail! After each successful 50 hits, either increase distance to the target, or start giving yourself a time limit. This drill will really put your skills as a pistolero to the test! Enjoy our printable pistol targets, as well as the many others we offer!

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To print the version of the target you want, just click it to open!

dot torture shooting target drill targets4free  tda dot torture shooting target drill targets4free

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