Dot Torture Shooting Target Drill (Printable for Free!)

This fan-favorite dot torture drill target is long overdue for posting. Originally designed by David Blinder at, we got this adapted version from

This is an excellent drill target for getting better with a handgun, but of course you can use it how you see fit! There are two variants as shown below. The original, and an alternative “TDA” (Traditional Double-Action) version by Sean Leffler. But you can use a single-action revolver on that version too!

Directions: Shoot the target exactly as the instructions say on the page. Start at 3 yards with no time limit. Your ultimate objective here is to score all 50 hits, as fast as you can, and as far away from the target as you can. Want to really challenge yourself? Make it so that with a single miss, you fail! After each successful 50 hits, either increase distance to the target, or start giving yourself a time limit. This drill will really put your skills as a pistolero to the test! Enjoy our printable pistol targets, as well as the many others we offer!

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To print the version of the target you want, just click it to open!

dot torture shooting target drill targets4free  tda dot torture shooting target drill targets4free

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