Corrective Shooting Target (Free Printable Shooting Targets)

Hey all, sorry for my absence! This week we’ve got a tried-and-true diagnostic / corrective shooting target in order to genuinely make you a better shot! This target is primarily meant for use with a handgun, whether it be a firearm, air pistol or otherwise. However, I can’t speak to its effectiveness while using a rifle, since firing a handgun and a rifle are two very different things. I think you guys are really going to like this one! I’ve used these myself and have found the tips quite useful in my own shooting. That’s why I decided to make my own versions, and upload them here!

Also, do remember that Targets4Free offers a number of other fantastic drill targets¬†that will really put your skills to the test. After practicing with this corrective shooting target, I’d highly recommend giving our dot torture target a try! Anyway, enough talk. Check out our awesome new diagnostic / corrective shooting targets below by clicking on them. The first is right-handed, and the second is left-handed. Be safe, have fun and enjoy this and our other free printable pistol targets! ūüôā

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Diagnotic-Corrective-Shooting-Target-Right-Handed-Targets4Free  Diagnotic-Corrective-Shooting-Target-Left-Handed-Targets4Free



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Dot Torture Shooting Target Drill (Printable for Free!)

This fan-favorite dot torture drill target is long overdue for posting. Originally designed by David Blinder at, we got this adapted version from

This is an excellent drill target for getting better with a handgun, but of course you can use it how you see fit! There are two variants as shown below. The original, and an alternative “TDA” (Traditional Double-Action) version by Sean Leffler. But you can use a single-action revolver on that version too!

Directions: Shoot the target exactly as the instructions say on the page. Start at 3 yards with no time limit. Your ultimate objective here is to score all 50 hits, as fast as you can, and as far away from the target as you can. Want to really challenge yourself? Make it so that with a single miss, you fail! After each successful 50 hits, either increase distance to the target, or start giving yourself a time limit. This drill will really put your skills as a pistolero to the test! Enjoy our printable pistol targets, as well as the many others we offer!

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To print the version of the target you want, just click it to open!

dot torture shooting target drill targets4free  tda dot torture shooting target drill targets4free

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Dot Target 11×17 (Target Submitted by Action N)

Today, we’re pleased to announce a great user-submitted target. An original design by Action N, it’s a dot target that is very clean, well-designed and can be very flexible in how you choose to use it! Likewise, this is also the first 11×17 target we’re posting, as we know that many of you enjoy printing these larger-form targets at home! We’d like to post more of these in the future, however if you enjoy the design of this target but don’t have an 11×17 printer, simply select “fit to page” when printing and it will fit quite well on an 8.5×11 page. If you are using an 11×17 printer, then¬†don’t “fit to page”.¬†A dot target like this is great for challenging your friends, a timed drill, or generally improving your skills.

We really appreciate Action N’s contributions to our still growing site, including this dot target and also his well-designed bullseye target that we’ll be posting soon. He can be found on a number of social media platforms including on his YouTube, Twitter, and¬†Instagram, as well as art-specific sources such as ArtStation¬†and DeviantArt. But the truth is, you should check all of them out, because Action N has posted some very interesting, creative and worthwhile content that I believe is worth a look, as well as a share with your friends. Examples include some awesome 3D prints, custom-made fantasy weapons, and much more! Below is the 11×17 target that Action N submitted to Targets4Free. You can either click the image to open it, or the link directly following this text. Be safe, have fun and enjoy!

Click this link (or the image below) to open this target for printing!

11x17 Dot Target by Action N Targets4Free

P.S., Targets4Free isn’t dead! In fact, we’re far from it. Our current plan is to go back to a weekly uploading schedule. We will mostly likely upload at least one new target every week, probably on Thursday afternoon, which gives everyone a chance to check out our new target(s) and print some out for a weekend trip to the range! Stay tuned. Likewise, we would once again like to remind you that we always appreciate your suggestions and requests for new shooting targets, as well as any submissions you’d like to make. Either comment below any of our posts, or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

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Project Appleseed Targets: Official “Redcoat” Target

Official British “Redcoat” Appleseed targets from the official Project Appleseed forum. Enjoy this target, as well as the other project appleseed targets we host on our site. This target is meant to be shot at 15 yards with open sites for training in classic, old-school marksmanship. Hone your skills or challenge your friends! Be safe, and have fun!

Project Appleseed Targets Official Redcoat 15 Yards Meters


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Project Appleseed Promo Target (15 Yards)

Enjoy these official Project Appleseed¬†targets scaled for 15 yard target for challenging your friends, or just honing your skills on the range! There are two versions. The standard, and the “bell” version. Choose your preferred target below. ūüôā

For our full list of totally FREE official Project Appleseed targets, click here!

Just click the image of the target version you want below, to open it up for printing! 

Project Appleseed Targets - 15 Yard  Project Appleseed Targets - 15 Yard Bell




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