NRA B2 Target (Printable For FREE!)

This NRA B2 Target is our rework of the official version to exact dimensions, and made to fit accurately on a standard 8.5×11″ piece of paper! The NRA B2 target is an official 50 foot slow-fire pistol target and is regularly used in competition. It’s fun, easy to score, and is now cheaper to use than ever before, now that we’ve reconstructed it and made it available for easy printing at home!

This will make a great target to practice for official competition, challenge your friends, or just hone your skills solo! And while this is a re-creation of a pistol target, it is a large bullseye target and so it could go well with a rifle too, if that’s how you choose to use it! Our free printable NRA B2 Targets are available in two variants. One with standard black center, and a red center, for added visibility. I find that it helps a ton for casual practice, especially when you have bad eyesight, or are just having trouble distinguishing your sights from the center of your target. I really hope you guys love this awesome NRA B-2 target. And remember, we offer dozens more free printable targets for shooting practice, so definitely check them out too! Be safe, and have fun!

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Click the target version you wish to print below!

NRA b2 target printable for free by targets4free official  NRA b2 target red center printable for free by targets4free official

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