New Site Features! (February 2019 Update)

Sorry you guys, this post isn’t specifically target-related. But don’t worry! We’re back on a regular posting schedule, and then some. Several new targets going up in the next few days alone.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about some new site features for I’ve just added a “Resources Section” which currently features a muzzle energy calculator as well as some articles on gun safety such as “Basic Gun Safety Rules: What To Know Before You Shoot” as well as “The 10 Commandments of Gun Safety“. Hopefully they prove useful!

I’ll also be adding a “Taylor Knockout Factor” calculator very soon, which is essentially a “brute force” calculation for a bullet, which not only takes into account the weight and speed of the projectile, but also diameter. It was developed by John Taylor, a big game hunter and ivory poacher from back in the day. You can read all about his “Taylor Knockout Factor” here.

Of course, more will be added to the resources section in the future, but I just figured I’d put out this quick update to talk about what’s new, and what’s coming soon. I also hope you guys enjoy the new targets we’re rolling out this week!

If you appreciate what we’re doing, feel free to donate, by heading to our “Donate” section. Also, please consider making a small monthly contribution to our Patreon page. Currently, running this Targets4Free puts us at a definite loss, and it’s mostly been a labor of love. With your continued use of the site, and especially small contributions on Patreon and the like by our loyal users, I might someday be able to run this project (and others) full time, and support the firearms community for a living! Hey, a boy can dream, right?

Thanks so much for your continued use and support of this website! I’m really looking forward to the future of Targets4Free. Enjoy! 🙂

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