About Us

Welcome to Targets4Free.com. We strive to provide among the best printable, free shooting targets on the internet. Targets 4 Free  is a site for recreational shooters, by recreational shooters.

We offer high-quality free shooting targets for a number of purposes. Maybe you want simple targets to be used as a quick point of aim for some fun on the range. Maybe you’re looking for high-quality competition targets to compete with your friends, or prepare for an upcoming shooting event. We also offer bad guy targets featuring the likes of Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and so on. We even have a number of simulated “trick shot” targets to really put your skills to the test. Shooting an aspirin off a nail? Splitting a card? We have all the printable free shooting targets you need to test and improve your skills.

We are excited to provide this resource free of charge because we are passionate about the 2nd Amendment and gun rights in general. We would like to transmit this passion to others by making shooting sports both fun and accessible to everyone!

We are also excited for our upcoming plans to accept user submissions onto our site, but this will depend on you, the user, using the resources we have provided. We really hope you’ll support our site and what we do. Thanks again for checking out Targets4Free. Be safe, and have fun! Below is a sample of some our targets. Enjoy! 🙂

Free Shooting Targets - Diamond Site-In type Target         Free Adolf Hitler Free Shooting Targets (Headshot)         Free Shooting Target - Turkey Shotgun Hunting Target with Vitals